About The Movement And Brand

God, Family, and Lifting (GFL) is a  movement, and training brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia. God Family and Lifting started out as a slogan that Drew Cameron  the owner lives his life based upon. There is a certain order in life that must take place to live a purpose driven life. Drew Cameron has a vision to uplift people through fitness. By using GFL to share his life and how he keeps his priorities in order with everyone. You'll here this quote a lot "Everybody's  looking for the thrill but whats real is God, Family And Lifting". This initially was all about lifting weights but quickly changed to uplifting people through sharing how to keep your priorities in order , in todays society where everyone is so vain GFL aims to put things back in order. GFL's future is not written in stone but it operates in the right order. Putting God first before every decision.

Please thank you for taking the time to read about the movement.